USA infested with Devil worshippers.

In 1936, my father boarded a small coastal freighter working out of Cartagena, Colombia as an orphan of 10 years old. After starting out as a deck boy and ending up as the captain of the ship at the age of 21, he bought his first steel hulled motor vessel (WW2 landing craft) in Jacksonville, Florida in 1957. He paid 90,000 dollars, half of which was wired overnight to him by his Wall St. partner, F Martí and Sons without my father even signing a piece of paper. By 1972, we had 3 vessels worth millions of dollars, the largest one, the m/v don Alejo, cost us 2 million dollars. This purchase was partially financed by Arosemena, Noriega y Castro out of Panama and Chase Manhattan bank. We had 5 years to pay the loan; we paid it in 2 years. In 1975, my father was named honorary consul for Denmark, a function he dispensed honorably for 20 years. In 1986, he was knighted by the Danish ambassador Ole Philipson on behalf of the Danish monarchy.

In 1984, US Customs law enfarcement agent Victor Thompson (an alias; he was Cuban) approached my father for assistance in the so-called War on Drugs. His exact words to my father were: Colombians are poisoning the youth of America!!! All of our ships were rigged with US government transponders so they could be tracked in real time. My father set up a network of informants in all Colombian maritime ports on Colombia’s Pacific and Atlantic coasts. He allowed drug traffickers to put drugs on our ships and then helped get them arrested, something which made us a multitude of enemies but we thought at least our 50 year old family business was secure from draconian, corrupt American laws which put us in an impossible situation as well as from the drug dealers. We also thought we were doing the right thing; how naive. We had bodyguards provided by the Colombian police for years and my father suffered various assassination attempts. One night, a US Customs undercover agent showed up on our family home’s doorstep, one step ahead of his would-be assassins and my father saved his life.

After 3 years of helping them, the US Customs’ agents ended up stealing the cocaine and not capturing the drug traffickers. My father was assaulted in his office and forced to pay for the cocaine by the owners at gunpoint. The filthy US Customs wouldn’t pay for the cocaine or arrest the crooked cops. This was in 1987 when the narcotrafficking violence in Colombia was now totally out of control. What we didn’t know at the time was that George HW Bush and little demon Jeb had decided to cut off the C.I.A. cocaine air transport service to Pablo Escobar’s Medellin drug cartel, one of the many drug cartels the CIA has created worldwide during the last 50 years. In 1986, Washington DC’s Executive Intelligence Review’s draft indictment of the Bush CIA, the DEA and the State Dept. for massive nacotics trafficking was suppressed by a Washington DC federal court. In 1987, a Christic Institute lawsuit alleging the same thing was suppressed by the perennially corrupt Miami federal courts, judge James King. So they tried to get my father murdered. When that failed and my father was ONLY tortured, George HW Bush, vice-president of the US, head of the South Florida Task Farce and FOUNDER OF MANY WORLDWIDE DRUG CARTELS, gave the order to the undercover agents onboard one of our ships to plant 5 kilos of THEIR cocaine on our ship and accuse us of being drug traffickers in the Opium trafficker Queen of England controlled Bahamas. The Bahamian newspapers all printed the story about how the US government was the owner of the cocaine found on our ship. After 2 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney fees, we won the trial and then the filthy demon, George HW Bush, sank our ship. The US ambassador to Nassau was then transferred to the US Customs and given a huge promotion to silence her. Contemporaneously, the eternally corrupt US Customs emits a letter defending Illuminati Knights Templar drug trafficking CHIQUITA, whose ships were being constantly found with tons of cocaine onboard. Law enfarcement states that “it is too dangerous to attempt to prevent drugs from being put onboard ships in Colombia and that this task must be overseen at the destination”. Gee…thanks, scumbag.

After this episode, it was all downhill. We lost 50 years of our hard work, have spent a lifetime in penury and the filthy, evil US government besmirched our name. We lost 30 years of our time here on earth together because of these little filthy politicians and their kangaroo courts. The Republican drug warriors were always in bed with the CIA drug traffickers. It is genocide and ethnic cleansing they are after.

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I filed these two federal lawsuits in Miami during the fall of 2014:

































This blog contains enough material which can be used to prove that the Bush faction of the CIA and their accomplices have been bringing in 95% of the drugs into America since at least the 1960s (Southeast Asia’ Golden Triangle heroin). The Bush family are multi-generational luciferians who fooled the whole world (see links at bottom of post). Right now we need for everybody in jail, on probation or suffering under the “convicted felon” life sentence to file a pro se appeal, flood the federal, state or county courts with the truth: that the whole time millions of people were sent to prison for drugs, the Bush gang was bringing in the vast majority of the drugs, were positioning themselves to benefit from the slave labor powered prison industrial complex, after they themselves paraded around on television proclaiming the evil of drugs (JUST SAY NO!) and launching the genocidal war on drugs.

For the origins of this evil, see


The Justice Dept. is in possession of a letter from southeast Asian drug lord, Khun Sa, accusing George HW Bush of drug trafficking. A cursory search online for the Nugan Hand Bank affair reveals more of the grisly story from the Viet Nam War era. Professor Alfred McCoy’s, The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia: CIA involvement in the Global Drug Trade, is more than enough to establish culpability.


The US Attorney’s Office in Tampa, during the 1987 debriefing of Colombian drug trafficker Allen Rudd, received direct evidence of Bush family involvement with Pablo Escobar. This document reposes at the National Archives according to murdered Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Gary Webb.

The deposition that follows was given in federal court in 1998 and ties the whole farce together: Bush, the CIA, Pablo Escobar, the Italian mob etc. This proves that the federal courts have been informed that the War on Drugs is pure and simple genocide and have abdicated, until now, their sacred responsibility to Truth and Justice.

Gene “Chip” Tatum ( is an ex-CIA officer who worked directly for George HW Bush while trafficking drugs. He has provided much evidence in his Tatum Chronicles and is now willing to provide as much evidence as needed to indict, try and convict the Bush Crime Cabal. For example:

John Ellis (“Jeb”) Bush

After graduating from Texas University, Jeb Bush was approached by his father, then CIA Director. to accept a position at a small Texas based bank, Texas Commerce Bank. James A. Baker (Of the White House Fame) convinced Lady Bird Johnson (of LBJ FAME) to open a branch of her Texas Commercial Bank in Venezuela, and send John Ellis there to spearhead the operation. Jeb was more than a mere bank officer. He was Texas Commercial Bank’s point man in Caracas, charged with setting up their Venezuela operation. Jeb would be instrumental in setting up banking to facilitate the oil and drug industry in Venezuela and Colombia. Jeb’s new relationship with Pablo Escobar and the Medellin cartel led him to the conclusion that it would be wise to ally with other growing cartels. He traveled to Colombia and met with members of the Cali Cartel or Zapos as the would be known. This is where Jeb made his first, or second, fortune. Jeb built the assets of Venezuelan branch of Texas Commerce Bank in Caracas with the cartels monies touting they were big oil assets for two years before settling in Miami, in 1980, home of the cartels North American operations. In the next few years, financial support flowed to Jeb through Miami’s right-wing Cuban community. Republican party politics and a series of business scandals — including Medicaid fraud and shady S&L deals — were inextricably intertwined. A former federal prosecutor told MJ that, when he looked into Jeb’s lucrative business dealings with a now-fugitive Cuban, he considered two possibilities — Jeb was either crooked or stupid. At the time, he concluded Jeb was merely stupid.

And we must not forget the controversy that came out of the Iran/Contra hearings and the curious deaths of many of the witnesses just prior to their date to testify. One such witness was a man named Barry Seal, whom George H.W. Bush entrusted Jeb to take care of via his Colombian Connections (The Tatum Chronicles 30 March, 1985 ). On February 19, 1986, Barry Seal was shot to death in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in front of a branch of the Salvation Army on Airline Highway (U.S. 61), where he was required to stay as a condition of his plea bargain, making him an easy target for retaliation. A Colombian hitman Luis Quintero crouched out of sight beside the metal drop box in the parking lot of the Salvation Army center on Airline Highway. Just a few feet away, a big Cadillac Fleetwood was backing up to park. Quintero cradled a MAC-10 submachine gun in his hands. Screwed onto the end of the barrel was a black silencer, the size of a half-used roll of paper towels. As soon as the driver pushed the car door open, Quintero sprang to his feet and rushed across the open space between the drop box and the car. He pointed the gun and pulled the trigger. The .45-caliber MAC-10 spit out a short burst of fire and lead. Quintero fired a dozen rounds in less than a second. Three struck the driver in the head. Three more punched through his chest. The driver slumped over the backrest of the passenger seat, almost as if he’d fallen asleep. The DEA’s investigation brought to a violent end. Colombian assassins were sent by the Medellín Cartel at Jeb’s request.

Mr Tatum also stated that Miami US Attorney Patrick Sullivan works for the drug trafficker Jeb Bush ( October podcasts).

I have uploaded a couple of interviews given by Mr Gordon Duff, a high ranking, retired intelligence officer and Senior Editor of, who personally witnessed the close connection between the director of CIA and the Colombian cocaine cartels:

The following books are on point (many of the authors’ testimonies are on

Trance: Formation of America– Cathy O’Brien (see Bush satanism podcast at dropbox link above)
Dope Inc.:The Book that Drove Henry Kissinger Crazy–Executive Intelligence Review
Immaculate Deception: The Bush Crime Family Exposed–General Russell Bowen
The Mafia, CIA and George Bush–Pete Brewton
The Politics of Heroin:CIA involvement in the Global Drug Trade–Alfred McCoy
Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA–Terry Reed, John Cummings
Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras and the Crack Explosion Gary Webb